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The voice is a precious instrument, an emotional instrument. There is nothing between you and your audience. There is no guitar plank to hide behind, no giant stack of keyboards, no battery of tom-toms. There is nothing and no one to blame except yourself, and an audience will murder you and dance on your grave in a heartbeat if you let them.

Bruce Dickinson, „What does this button do? An autobiography”

Oohh…nici nu stiu cum sa incep si cum sa va indemn sa cititi autobiografia lui Bruce Dickinson. Azi-noapte am terminat cartea si acum ma simt putin dezorientata pentru ca nu stiu ce lectura ar putea sa ma atraga dupa volumul lui Bruce.

Faceti abstractie de faptul ca este vocalistul unei trupe heavy metal, ca poate n-ati auzit de aceasta si ca, in niciun caz nu e printre preferintele voastre in materie de muzica. Ptiu, „satanistii” astia! Sau ca e trupa mea de „capatii”, iar el unul dintre eroii mei in viata (oh, ce mult sun a grupie! ) Bruce Dickinson e mult mai mult de atit! E un fenomen! Si nu e la prima „indrazneala” scriitoriceasca. Daca stiti de cine vorbesc, veti fi mai mult decit incintati sa aflati, la prima mina, cum s-au nascut niste piese, unde s-au inregistrat albume si, in general, chestii de culise, fara a trece granita spre gossip, indecente sau razbunari ieftine.

„Flight of Icarus” began life in a toilet. Adrian was found of playing guitar in bathrooms – he liked the ambiance from the tiles – and, while he was noodling away, I heard a sequence of chords and started singing along to them. The chorus of „Flight of Icarus” just started flying like an eagle as a result.

I quickly realised that we potentially had a song under four minutes that could do the unthinkable for Maiden: airplay on US radio. For the lyric, I flipped the story of Icarus on its head and made the father the villian of the piece. Driven by ambition and ego he forces his son to fly, with terrible consequences as his son, in youthful exuberance, flies too high and his wings melt. Basically the pushy parent revisited

Bruce Dickinson, „What does this button do? An autobiography”

A trait citeva vieti si, ma intrebam pe parcursul lecturii, daca nu cumva e vreo felina, de cite ori s-a intilnit fata in fata cu moartea, fara sa braveze. E genul de om care musca din viata ca dintr-un mar pirguit, care traieste la intensitate si stie ca nu are timp sa-si plinga de mila.

Daca vreti inspiratie, umor de calitate, trairi, daca vreti sa invatati ceva, cu doua miini va recomand „What does this button do”. Inlocuieste orice carte de dezvoltare personala pentru ca nu ai cum sa nu te imbibi din entuziasmul si pozitivitatea lui. Ca sa clarificam, vorbim de o persoana care acum citiva ani a descoperit ca are cancer.

I was beginning to feel quite important, but in among the bravado was the temptation to despair. For three days or so, all i noticed were hospitals, churches and graveyards. By, God, London was infested with the bloody things.

On the way to the pub, I considered how I felt about my cancer. Nobody could answer the question, „Why me?” Actually, I reasoned ,it’s probably just shitty bad luck. Nobody was out to get me and my cancer was an aberration. I thought about hating it, but I’m not good at long-term hating – I’m a momentary, flash-in-the-pan sort of chap when it comes to anger. I would say life is too short to hate cancer; I would treat my cancer as an uninvited guest and politely but firmly dismiss it from my house

Bruce Dickinson, „What does this button do? An autobiography”

Pentru mine a fost o bucurie sa citesc aceasta carte, sa il citesc pe autorul Dickinson care nu este deloc novice sau neindeminatic cu istorisirile in scris, sa vad omul din spatele scenei si sa mi se confirme caracterul pe care banuiam ca-l are. Stiu ca micul meu articol nu face dreptate volumului in sine, dar sper ca v-am convins sau v-am facut curiosi macar o picatura. Si mai am convingerea ca nu si-a angajat niciun ghostwriter pentru autobiografie.

„What does this button do? An autobiography”, a aparut la editura HarperCollins Publishers in 2017. Daca nu se gaseste in Romania (si cred ca nu), as sugera comanda online de pe book depository, stiu ca livreaza gratuit wordwide.

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